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Whether you are a potential venture capitalists or a business owner looking for investments, understanding how a typical VC fund charges fees and expenses can help you be more able to navigate the venture capital waters. Management Fees Most VC funds charge an annual management fee, typically 2 percent of the fund’s total dollar amount. This money is paid to the fund’s management team in order to pay for all the overhead associated with running the fund: salaries, benefits, office rent and […]

If you are prepared to give that information, you can kick your stress level down a notch and get to work at finding the right VC or angel investor

In the process of growing a successful company, finding the next round of funding is always on the business owner’s mind. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be an exciting avenue to cash but they can also be complicated and expensive. In some cases a private placement round may be more effective. What is Private Placement? A private placement is a securities offering not to the public, but to a select group of private investors, typically institutional investors like insurance companies, banks, […]