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When starting a business, entrepreneurs will generally look anywhere and everywhere for funding. Families and friends get tapped, credit cards are maxed out. Traditional small business loans can be difficult for newcomers to secure. Plus the idea of having to pledge their own assets like their houses or cars is a scary thought for many new business owners. At this point, many entrepreneurs turn to unsecured business loans for financing help. An unsecured business loan is one that does not require […]

The Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Program is designed to help socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners break overcome those hardships. Securing a spot in the program can be a huge windfall for growing companies, but the process is not easy. Here are some tips on getting in and making the most of the 8(a) program: In order to be a prime candidate for the program, your company should already have done some prior business with government agencies. The 8(a) program is […]

Your small business is doing well – you have enough cash on hand to cover expenses, sales are increasing. Getting a small business loan may be the last thing on your mind. But this might actually be the perfect time to apply for one. It is an unfortunate and paradoxical fact that loans are easier to obtain when a firm is doing well financial than when it is struggling. So if you have found yourself in a commercial sweet spot for the moment, here are a few reasons you might want to take advantage […]

When it comes to growing or sustaining your business, outside help is often needed to provide the required cash. Traditional lenders offer two helpful products for business owners: business loans and business lines of credit. Each has its own distinct merits for developing companies. Here’s what you need to know about them before making a decision: Loan Payout With business loans, a borrower receives one lump sum of money at the outset of the loan and will never receive more for the duration […]

There are several resources available to small business owners that can provide the cash needed for daily and monthly operations.