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Getting started in the commercial mortgage market can be daunting if you are not familiar with the jargon. In order to be a savvy commercial real estate investor, you first need to learn the lingo. Here are seven of the most important terms used in commercial mortgage discussions: 1. Gross Income This is the total amount of money the commercial property will bring in. It include rents as well as things like late fees or laundry/vending machine revenue. 2. Effective Gross Income This factors […]

Many small businesses, especially in their early days, discover a need for a cash infusion to keep operations running smoothly. Small firms often turn to working capital loans to help bridge the gap in funding. If your business is considering such a loan, you will need to a good idea of how much money is required. Lenders will want a detailed plan of how you plan to use their loaned dollars. So how do you know how much cash you need on hand? First, you can take a look at your operating expenses. […]