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Small businesses are often in need of substantial capital for one project or another, but small business loans from traditional banks can be difficult to acquire for many firms. There are alternatives that can help companies get the working capital they need, among which are personal loans. Although they carry high fees, there are several situations when they just might save the day. Brand-new Companies It can be very challenging for start-ups to secure funding from banks or other lenders because […]

Finding funding for a small business startup can be a difficult challenge. And if your personal credit score is less-than-perfect that process can seem even more grueling. It is definitely not impossible though. The path to funding might have to be a little more creative, but the following tips can help your business overcome your past credit foibles. 1. Borrow From Friends and Family While it may be uncomfortable, family and friends are often the best place to start for small business financing. […]

Many new entrepreneurs start out their ventures with poor credit, often because they have not yet had time to develop a business credit history. And without a good credit profile, it can be really tough in today’s economy to get a traditional bank loan for a new business. Fortunately there are several options for fledging companies that can provide some initial funding. For some firms, a business credit card may supply necessary financing, at least until a better score can be established. A business […]