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Securing funding from a knowledgeable and generous venture capitalist is the dream of many a startup business owner. Actually making that deal happens very rarely in the real world. There are millions of new businesses each year and only a finite amount of VC funds. If you are hoping to woo some VC funding soon, the key is proving that your company stands out among all the rest. They will want to see numbers that confirm your claims of being a company with huge growth potential. One of the first […]

When it comes to saving money and freeing up working capital, the Internet can be a small business owner’s best friend. Going online can help with everything from cutting costs to saving time to generating revenue. Here are a few ways your company could more fully take advantage of Internet resources. Sell Online Selling your product or service online can be a great way to start off your business or an excellent way to supplement sales in your retail or other outlets. If you are just getting […]

With the effects of global warming being felt all around us, it is no surprise that many businesses are turning to more environmentally-friendly practices and creating greener products for their customers.

Among the number of growing alternative sources of funding, business owners can now consider revenue-based financing