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Small business owners are more optimistic about obtaining funding these days. In The Hartford’s 2014 Small Business Success Study, 46 percent believe that it is either “only slightly or not at all difficult” to secure a loan or other financing for their company, a 39 percent jump from just two years earlier. Yet even though more entrepreneurs feel it is easy enough to get funding, more (36 percent) are choosing to use their own personal funds to keep their firms going. Younger business operators […]

Most small businesses will need loan financing at one point or another and local banks and credit unions can close that gap in funding. But finding the right lender can be tricky. Here are a few tips on finding the best fit for your business needs. Ask for Referrals Knowing that someone you know has already had a good experience with a particular lender is often the best way to find bank for your business. Colleagues, suppliers and other trade partners may have suggestions for you based on their […]

While the process may seem complicated at times, SBA loans can provide very valuable capital to small businesses. Just be prepared to put in some time and persistence in order to realize the benefits.