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Growing a business takes hard work, patience and usually a lot of cash. Small business loans can be one way to access the kind of working capital you need. Taking on debt for your business can be a little scary, but there are some times when the benefits can really outweigh the risks. Consider the following three reasons why it might be time to get a small business loan. 1. You Need to Hire New Employees If your company is growing fast enough that you need more help but don’t have the cash […]

Your start-up or newer small business needs cash to get off the ground. Attracting the capital you require is no easy feat. Among the many sources you can try are angel investors – individuals who invest in fledgling companies, bringing funding and expertise. In order to score a partnership with an angel, entrepreneurs need to know what these investors are looking for. Good Recommendations Angel investors are often most interested in businesses recommended to them by friends or colleagues. […]

Just like finding funding is the main priority of most new small businesses, fundraising is often the focus of non-profit organizations. There are many ways to fundraise, but the key to success is keeping your whole team focused as you implement a carefully-planned strategy. An effective strategy starts with the right attitude. Instead of feeling like you are begging for money, think of fundraising as developing partnerships with donors, as connecting people with your cause. The rest of a winning […]

If you are trying to secure business funding from one or more venture capitalists, it is important to speak their language. VCs may use a variety of jargon and slang that you will need to understand if you want to capture their attention. Mastering words like the following will help you avoid embarrassment when a VC asks things like ‘what is your burn rate?’ or ‘what’s the valuation of your company?’ Bootstrapping Bootstrapping means using one’s personal resources or the small business’ […]

Pitching your company to angel investors or venture capitalists can be intimidating, especially when the fate of your start-up small business rests in their hands…

Crowdfunding groups raised $2.66 billion for companies and individuals in 2012 and it is projected that they will raise $5.1 billion in 2013. With all that cash floating around, it’s time to find out if crowdfunding is right for your business venture.