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If you are trying to secure business funding from one or more venture capitalists, it is important to speak their language. VCs may use a variety of jargon and slang that you will need to understand if you want to capture their attention. Mastering words like the following will help you avoid embarrassment when a VC asks things like ‘what is your burn rate?’ or ‘what’s the valuation of your company?’ Bootstrapping Bootstrapping means using one’s personal resources or the small business’ […]

Once you have struck upon your big idea for a business and made a plan for how to begin, the next step is to raise up enough cash to get started. How do you know how much money you will need? Here are 2 strategies for determining how much you need to fundraise. Set a Goal For First-Round Funding One action plan suggests that you start with careful research to set a funding goal for your first stage of business. This includes talking with potential clients or customers to understand what they […]