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The world of venture capital is constantly evolving, with investors looking for different products and services. There are a few things that tend to remain a priority with venture capitalists, however. If you are hoping to attract some investment capital to your firm, here are a few of those traits that VCs are hoping to find. Capable Networkers It is no secret that getting face-time with venture capitalists is much easier if you network your way to them rather than cold-calling or emailing. […]

Start-up companies have traditionally been out of luck when it comes to scoring venture capital funding, but the VC landscape has seen some definite shifts in the past few years. Now entrepreneurs just starting out may have more financing options than ever before. The progression of technology is helping to make venture capital investment groups more attractive and easier to form. Investors can come together from different parts of the country or even the globe and meet together as often as possible […]

Every stage of owning and growing a business requires a lot of funding. Traditional small business loans are not available or even appropriate for all these stages. Fortunately there are several other viable sources of financing, among which are venture capitalists (VCs). VCs are investors who provide promising companies with cash in exchange for an equity stake and the hope of greater profits in the future. There are venture capitalists seeking for opportunities in every market segment and many […]