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Every business is unique. No two companies will have the exact same financial needs. Before starting a scramble for business funding, it helps to think hard about the specific essentials for your company. Once you have a list in place you can then determine the best source of business financing for your operating requirements. The following inventory of needs may aid you in the process: Office Space Does your business need an actual facility in order to function? Starting out in your home or […]

People have great ideas for new businesses all the time. And yet only a tiny portion of those people ever make the transformation into entrepreneurs. What is the main deterrent? Business funding. Creating a start-up business can often require a significant amount of upfront cash. It can be difficult to find investors for a business that is only in the idea phase, and banks especially do not like to take on such risk. While friends and family can be a good source of business financing, potential entrepreneurs […]

Small business loans from traditional banks and lenders are often considered the gold standard among business owners. They typically offer the lowest interest rates, the most generous loan terms and the highest dollar amounts. One of the long-standing drawbacks to traditional business bank loans, however, is that they often take weeks or months to secure. The application process can be tedious and resource draining, and even when a business owner has the good credit and assets to qualify, he may […]

For young and rising companies in search of business funding, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Venture capital and business loans are two of the most desirable choices, but they are not equally beneficial choices in every situation. There are significant differences between when each is a good fit for a growing firm. Venture Capital Seeking out venture capital is best for businesses that are young but also have the potential to become huge both geographically and financially. Venture capitalists […]

One of the best new ways to raising business funding is through crowdfunding. With online platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe, going straight to the public for working capital has never been easier. Of course to successfully raise money on a crowdfunding platform, there are several essential steps to be taken even before you post your business idea. In order to make sure your product or service will be a big hit on a crowdfunding site, you need to test the market. A great way to […]

Meeting your small business cash needs can be challenging. When it comes to financing, one of the many options is small business bank loans. Many banks will offer both traditional loans and lines of credit. Each provides different benefits and is better suited for certain types of businesses. Here’s how to figure out which one is right for your company: Traditional Bank Loan A small business loan from a bank will allow you to borrow a specific, fixed amount of money that must be paid back […]

Building up a small business from scratch can be rough on your credit. There are plenty of times when money may not come in fast enough to cover bills and your personal or business credit can suffer. With bad credit, your sources of business funding can seem to dry up quickly and you may have to think outside of the small business loan box. One way many companies with poor credit meet their working capital needs is with invoice factoring. Invoice factoring means selling your unpaid invoices to […]

Small businesses are often in need of substantial capital for one project or another, but small business loans from traditional banks can be difficult to acquire for many firms. There are alternatives that can help companies get the working capital they need, among which are personal loans. Although they carry high fees, there are several situations when they just might save the day. Brand-new Companies It can be very challenging for start-ups to secure funding from banks or other lenders because […]

Working capital is the money your business needs to function on a daily and short-term basis. The amount of working capital you have consists of the cash on hand to make purchases and fund necessary expenses. It is measured as your current assets minus your current liabilities. When the liabilities are greater than the assets things can get scary. Working capital loans are designed to help small businesses cope with these gaps. While they can be helpful, as with any type of loan there are both benefits […]

Small businesses are often in need of funding for everything from new equipment and inventory to real estate space to hiring new employees. The traditional sources of business financing include bank loans, venture capitalists, friends and family and just plain boot-strapping. Some entrepreneurs also turn to their credit cards or short-term online loans to fill their working capital gaps. There may be yet another option that while rarely used can be sometimes fit the bill – inviting employees to […]