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"Business Credit Profile - How To Build Yours Fast"
Create a new business credit "entity".
Business debt without a personal guarantee.
Credit regardless of your personal credit scores.
Improve your business value to the lenders.
Qualify for more funding with business credit.
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"How To Prepare & Present a Successful Funding Request"
Plan and develop a strategic position
Support the amount of money you will need.
Plan and present a winning repayment plan.
Prepare income statement projections.
Prepare a compelling funding presentation.
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"Start a Business - Where To Begin and How To Grow"
Getting your business started.
Buying a business or a franchise?
Regulations you must check out.
Finding the money you need.
High-impact marketing programs.
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"The Art & Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital"
How to test your qualifications for venture capital.
What are Angel Investors looking for in your deal?
Where to begin your venture capital quest.
Elevator pitch, 30 seconds that can mean success.
The most common myths about venture capitalists.
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