Raising Capital Site Map

Raising Capital Site Map

Business Loan Broker
Business Loan Broker - What is a business loan broker? A business loan broker is an individual or entity that acts as an intermediary between a borrowing business and a commercial lender.

Capitalization - What is capitalization? Capitalization is the sum of a business' long-term debt, stock and retained earnings.

Caplines - What is caplines? Caplines is an umbrella program to help small businesses meet their short-term and cyclical working-capital needs.

Collateral - What is collateral? How does it apply to my business? Can I obtain a business loan without it?

Commercial Letter
Commercial Letter - What is a commercial letter? A commercial letter is a written offer by a lender of the terms under which it will lend money to a company.

Debenture Loan - Convertible Debentures
Convertible Debenture - What is a convertible debenture? A convertible debenture is an instrument that can be converted into stock at the option of the holder or issuer.

Debt Offering
Debt Offering - What is debt offering? Debt offering is a debt instrument offered for purchase by private investors - normally with warrants for future stock purchases at fixed prices.

Direct Placement
Direct Placement - What is direct placement? Direct Placement is an equity offering without an underwriter which is usually exempt from SEC filing.

Direct Public Offering
Direct Public Offering - What is a direct public offering? A direct public offering is an equity offering in which the company shares of stock are sold directly to investors, rather that through an underwriter.

Equipment Lease
Equipment Lease

Equipment Leasing Firms
Equipment Leasing Firms - What are some advantages of equipment leasing? Why are they easier to obtain and more flexible than traditional loans? Does it provide you with certain unique tax or accounting benefits? What are the variety of payment structures to choose from?

Federal Export Loans
Federal Export Loans - What are federal export loans? Federal export loans is the export financing of U.S. goods and services through a variety of loan, guarantee, and insurance programs. (i.e. Export-Import bank programs).

Going Public
Going Public - What is goind public? Going public is the process of an initial public offering.

Hypothecation - What is hypothecation? Hypothecation is the pledging of securities or other assets to secure a loan.

Import Export Finance
Import Export Finance - Import export finance programs are supported by the SBA and exist to aid the financing of small businesses engaged in importing and exporting of goods. What do the loans offer and how can applicant businesses be approved?

Initial Public Offering
Initial Public Offering - What is an initial public offering? An initial public offering is the first sale of stock by a company to the public?

Intermediate Round Funding
Intermediate Round Funding - What is intermediate round funding? Intermediate round funding is for a maturing company where a future leveraged buyout, merger or acquisition and/or initial public offering is a viable option.

Intrastate Offering
Intrastate Offering - What is an intrastate offering? Intrastate offering is a securities offering limited to investors residing within one specific state. Typically done to avoid SEC registration requirements.

Investment Banker
Investment Banker - What is an investment banker? An investment banker is an institution that acts as an underwriter for corporations, but which does not accept deposits or make loans.

Later Stage Funding
Later Stage Funding - What is later stage funding? Later stage funding is normally for a company expecting to go public usually within a year. What are some requirements for later stage funding investments?

Leaseback - What is a leaseback? How can a leaseback generate capital? What are some benefits of leasebacks?

Leveraged Buyout Financing
Leveraged Buyout Financing - What is leveraged buyout financing? What should you be prepared to do when using leveraged buyout financing?

Leveraged Management Buyout
Leveraged Management Buyout - What is leveraged management buyout? Leveraged management buyout services should involve working with management to structure the buyout of the corporation, subsidiary, division or product line from start to finish.

Loan Guaranty
Loan Guaranty - What is a loan guaranty? A loan guaranty is a commitment to repay loan provided by institutions, individuals, companies (such as insurance companies). Requires collateral.

Management Buy Out
Management Buy Out - What is management buy out? Management buy out solutions involve working to structure the buyout of the corporation, subsidiary, division or product line from start to finish. What is the process after the buyout analysis is completed?

Market Maker
Market Maker - What is a market maker? Where can you find one?

Merger and Acquisition Financing
Merger And Acquisition Financing - Who does merger and acquisition financing require you to work closely with? What are some alternatives to merger and acquisition financing? In order to finance the assets and cash flow of the merger or acquisition at a competitive rate, you will need to properly structure the transaction by using leveraged financing.

Mezzanine Financing
Mezzanine Financing - What is mezzanine financing? Mezzanine financing meets the needs of a new but profitable company prior to a bank being willing to offer lines of credit. What are some examples of mezzanine transactions?

Minority Business Finance
Minority Business Finance - What is minority business finance? Minority business finance is the process of providing working capital to minority owned businesses either through debt or equity.

Off Balance Sheet Financing
Off Balance Sheet Financing - What is off balance sheet financing? Off balance sheet financing is funding from sources other than debt or equity offerings, such as joint ventures, R and D partnerships, and operating leases.

Participating Loan
Participating Loan - What is a participating loan? A participating loan financing is a loan that contains clauses and conditions under which the lender participates in the revenues of the property. We make the process of obtaining a commercial or business loan more viable for you by providing innovative and structured loan programs.

PIPE Investments
Pipe Investments - What is a pipe investment? Who is it for? What are different aspects of a pipe investment?

Pledging Assets
Pledging Assets - What is pledging assets? Pledging assets is offering assets to a lender as collateral for a loan.

Private Equity Investments
Private Equity Investments - What ia a private equity investment? Why are private equity investments the most important funding source in the entrepreneurial marketplace? What is the typical profile of a private equity investor?

Private Investment In Public Entity
Private Investment In Public Entity - Private investment in public entity (PIPE investments) take a sizable position in publicly traded companies whose valuations have dropped since they went public and now are seeking new sources of cash infusion. What are some benefits of private investment in public entity investments?

Private Placement
Private Placement - Who are private placement finance programs currently available for? What are some program advantages?

Public Shell
Public Shell - What is a public shell? What are the primary benefits of doing a Public Shell, as opposed to an IPO?

Reverse Acquisition
Reverse Acquisition - What is a reverse acquisition? A reverse acquisition is a technique used by a private company to go public without the regulatory requirements of an initial public offering.

Second Round Funding
Second Round Funding - Second round funding is working capital for the initial expansions of a company that is producing and shipping, and has growing accounts receivable and inventories. Are you in the second round? The key is to know your growth track, determine your sales and profit benchmarks, and be shrewd when it comes to valuing each stage.

Secondary Public Offering
Secondary Public Offering - What is a secondary public offering? A secondary public offering is a follow-on investment placement. What are the two types of offerings?

Sell Account Receivables
Sell Account Receivables - Why is this an effective financing source for a small business? Can this truly make my accounts receivables and open invoives more valuable?

Sweat Equity - Sources & Compensation
Sweat Equity - What is sweat equity? Sweat equity is equity acquired by a company's executives or founders that reflects the value they have added or will add to the company.

Turnaround Financing
Turnaround Financing - What is turnaround financing? Turnaround financing involves companies with poor performance histories and takes on the challenge of turning the business around. What are three basic categories an investor will apply to a potential turnaround.

Underwriting Agreement
Underwriting Agreement - What is an underwriting agreement? An underwriting agreement is an agreement between a corporation issuing new securities and the lead underwriter of the syndicate that defines the offering price, underwriting spread, issuer net proceeds, and the closing date.